1. Piles operation: (A) Rubber Ring Ligation (B) Conventional Piles operation (C) Longo operation (Treatment of Haemorrhoid without cutting anus with PPH instrument).
  2. Anal Fissure operation.
  3. Fistula operation (Successful treatment of recurrent fistula with application of seton).
  4. Rectum Cancer operation (Rectum cancer operation with stapling technique requiring no permanent colostomy).
  5. Colon Cancer operation.
  6. Laparoscopic Colorectal operation.
  7. Hernia operation.
  8. Rectal Polyp operation (Colonoscopic Polypectomy operation).
  9. Pilonidal Sinus operation.
  10. Colostomy operation.
  11. Ileostomy operation.

Investigation - Test

  1. Proctoscopy
  2. Video Sigmoidoscopy
  3. Video Colonoscopy, Full / Short.

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