Book on “Piles, Constipation, Dysentery and Cancer”
Published on February-2004
3rd Edition on January-2012
Book available at Eden Multi-Care Hospital

By reading this Book you will know following matters.

  1. Peptic ulcer or Gastric ulcer disease
  2. Stomach Cancer
  3. Appendicitis
  4. Major symptom of rectal and colon disease
  5. Piles - a mysterious health problem
  6. Piles treatment with medication
  7. Piles treatment without operation
  8. Complications of Piles treatment by Quack
  9. Is piles a recurrent case after operation?
  10. Is piles a hidden disease?
  11. Modern treatment of piles
  12. Piles problem in children
  13. Piles treatment in pregnancy
  14. Does liver cirrhosis patients has tendency of developing piles?
  15. Piles of heart disease patients
  16. Ring Ligation method: 80% Piles treatment without operation
  17. Laser surgery in Piles treatment
  18. Talk about Fistula
  19. Another problem in Anus is Fistula
  20. Is it natural to get Fistula after operation?
  21. A case history of Fistula patient
  22. Rectal Prolapse
  23. Itching at anus and its remedy
  24. Modern treatment technique: Rectum cancer operation without cutting anus
  25. Rectum cancer : How emergency to make Bypass for defecation
  26. Rectum cancer : Case history & Stapling treatment
  27. Rectum cancer treatment
  28. Chronic Dysentery or Irritable bowel syndrome
  29. Constipation : Dangerous disease may present as latent
  30. Ulcerative Colities – When operation is necessary
  31. Pilonidal Sinus (Tract in between two hip)
  32. Colostomy – Bypass route in abdomen for defecation & setting colostomy bag.
  33. Colostomy care : Irrigation process
  34. Rectum & venereal disease
  35. Anal incontinence : Disable to hold stool or flatus
  36. Rectal tests
  37. Various kinds of X-ray
  38. Success in Piles, Fistula, Anal Fissure and cancer treatment
  39. Photographs.

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