ANAL-FISSUREAnal Fissure is a crack or wound in the anal canal. This happens due to forceful expulsion of hard stool or repeated bowel movement. Patient complains of pain and bleeding after passing stool. Variable time is required to heal this crack. If this crack gets infected then abscess may form in the anus which may lead to fistula formation. Pain in anal canal may continue for five minutes to several hours. This disease may affect any age group from infant to very old age.

Prevention: One should avoid constipation or hard stool formation. Forceful expulsion of stool should be avoided. Patients are advised to take lots of vegetables, salad, water, juices to avoid constipation.

Treatment: Patients are advised to use different kind of rectal ointments to relieve pain e.g. Anorel ointment, Erian ointment. Pain killer medicine can be taken if there is pain. Sitz bath i.e. warm water bath is helpful. One can sit in a bowl containing warm water (40 Degree Celsius) for 5-10 minutes. 1 % salt can be added to water.

If all these measures do not give solution then operation can be done. The operation is called lateral internal sphincterotomy. Patients need to be hospitalized for 2-3 days.

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